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Bird Watching & Nature Trail

The first event of Rotary Year 2018-2019 was organized by the RYE Team 2019-19 of District 3142. It was trek to Karnala Fort and Bird Sanctuary on August 12, 2018 with Inbound long term RYE students, outbound students and Rotex. The group was a mix of many nationalities like Spain, Brazil, France, Belgium, Italy, Denmark, etc. The Trek was led by Rtn. Seema Agarwal, Rtn. Usha Murali and Rtn. Rajendra Shinde. The bus left around 6 AM from Thane and picked up the rest of the group in Kharghar and Vashi. We had breakfast on the way past Panvel where the children were exposed to many Maharashtrian breakfast dishes like poha, kothimbir wadi, sheera, missal pav and upma. They tried all the dishes and chose one of them for breakfast. After a round of masala chai that refreshed everyone, we reached the Bird Sanctuary.

We took small breaks so everyone could climb comfortably and together in a group. On the way, I shared a little wildlife and historical knowledge I had with the children for example, wild turmeric flower, teak wood, etc. When we reached the top, the children took many photographs and ate their snacks. After resting and getting refreshed we started the descent. On our way down we adopted the buddy system of two-three children so everyone could help each other to climb down as it was slippery. We all reached to the base at 2.30 PM. We had lunch at the small hotel in Karnala Bird Sanctuary that was run by the local mahila mandal. The children were exposed to chicken gravy cooked in turmeric, moong and aloo sabzi along with chapati and bhakari. The children’s favourite however was papad. Throughout the day, the children ate their meals with their hands instead of utensils. After one more round of everyone’s favourite chai, we headed back to the city dropping the children in Navi Mumbai and Thane.

Rajendra Shinde, 20th August 2018

Inbound Orientation Program 2018-19


Originals of following documents to be checked and copies to be obtained: (1) Passport, ( 2) VISA, (3) Insurance, ( 4) Signed Inbound Rules, (5) Signed Travel Authorisation Form and (6) FRRO; if available

· By Rtn. Rajendra Shinde, Inbound Chair

Opening Remarks

What to expect from the exchange, How Inbound Orientation will help Students to cope with the challenges during Exchange, Structure of Orientation Program

· By Rtn. Girish Ghate, Advisor & YPO


· Introduction by the Team Members,

· Introduction by ROTEX

· Introduction by Inbounds

It always seems impossible until it's done.

Motivational Speech, What makes it to be brave and face the challenge ahead

· External Speaker

In India, do as Indians do…

What is Indian social fabric, How to assimilate and be a part of the society, be safe but still get the best out of exchange

· By Rtn. Resham Thanekar, Avenue Chair

Cultural Shock & Coping up with Emotions

Facing & understanding the new culture, coping with emotions, evolving as bicultural global citizen

· Roopali Deshpande

To be interesting, be interested

How to be a part of your new family, how to win people and make friends

· Kavita Bhatia / Seema Agarwal

How Do I obey the rules & still don’t miss the fun

What are the rules for Inbounds, What are the do’s & don’ts, Why rules are important, what are the expectations from me? What are reporting?

· Rtn. Resham Thanekar, Avenue Chair

· Rtn. Rajendra Shinde, Inbound Chair

Have fun, get the best out of Exchange..

Yearly calendar of events, festivals, events, short trips, long trips, District Rotary conference

· Rtn. Usha Murali, Programs & Events

RYE Youth Protection Policy

D 3142 maintains zero tolerance policy against any abuse on Youth, How safety and wellbeing of Inbound is maintained, how to report and handle the situation wisely

· Rtn. Girish Ghate, Advisor & YPO

Question & Answers / Closing Remarks

· Rtn. Resham Thanekar, Avenue Chair

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Under Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) Program, a child from Rotary District from other country visits our district D 3142 for a year long stay. During the stay here, he/she lives with multiple families for about 3 to 4 months with each family. It is a wonderful experience not only for the exchange student but also for the host family to know more about each other's culture. Please visit to more about the program.

We are looking for volunteer families who are willing to host RYE student for about 3 to 4 months. Volunteering family will have to seek Police Character Certificate to participate. RYE administration team reserves the right to accept volunteering. Request you to fill up the form if you are interested in hosting a child.

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